I am Operation Animal (X-Men / Avengers)

I am Operation Animal (X-Men / Avengers)

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<3 Kacey <3 By Big_turd_blossom Completed

She laid on the ground, breathing heavily and gasping for air.   "What did you do to me!" She screamed, terrified of what was going on inside of her. She could feel her body changing. Her body was trying to adapt to the liquid poison that was put into her. "Please! I'll give you anything! Just let me go!" She screamed at the top of her lungs.


This is the first book in the Operation Animal Series! © I do not own Marvel (X-Men or Avengers or HYDRA or SHIELD or the mutants) I only own the main character! 


CSP2708 CSP2708 Aug 13
It means
                              So it wouldn't quite work in this situation anyways.
Roses are red, Violets are blue,  all because fury said, we're done with you.
Mutants are not THINGS! They are loving breathing beings and just because they aren't human does not mean they are objects!!
Imagine this
                              Me:"fury the peanut wont open"
                              Him:"then we'd have no choice but kill it"
Rae_Hood Rae_Hood Sep 11
Calm yourself, pirate man. You're always wanting to kill someone
FyreFlame FyreFlame Nov 13
Everyone thinks the author means awol, " she could go A-wall" means that the girl has superpowers and will turn into a wall