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Don't Worry Angel, I'm Here (Book 1) (Complete)

Don't Worry Angel, I'm Here (Book 1) (Complete)

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MeMyselfAndI123 By MeMyselfAndI123 Completed

I put my head down again and started walking the rest of the way to math but stopped and almost fell when I ran into a wall. It was actually a guy and when I ran into him sparks shot through my body. He caught me before I fell, wrapping his arms around my waist. I looked up-and I mean up. He's at least 6'3. When I looked into the pair of the most beautiful blue eyes I have ever seen I got lost in them and couldn’t look away. My wolf kept saying, ‘Mate! We found our mate!’ in my head.
     He stared back for a few seconds before a huge smile lighted his face. Then he looked over my head at something and glared before pulling me to his chest.
     "Mine," he growled.
     Maddy Stevens(Madaline) is a werewolf who has been mentally, physically, and sexually abused by her father ever since her mom died when she was six years old and continues to now when she's seventeen. He started drinking and thats when the abuse started. 
     Since her mother's death Maddy rarely talks to anyone. When she does it's only a few words. 
     Then she meets Justin Coleman-the future Alpha of the Dark Moon pack. Will Justin be able to protect Maddy from her father and get past the walls she has built over the years? Will Maddy trust Justin and let him in her heart? Read the book and find out.

(I'm just going to warn you now that if you're planning on reading this story despite the description then be prepared for a lot of mistakes and cheesy crap. I started writing this when I had just turned 12 and the quality of it makes a pile of dog crap look like pure gold. Seriously.
It WILL be rewritten eventually but until then...
*nudges book toward you with nose turned up at it*
Good luck.)

luckyone18 luckyone18 Dec 27, 2015
It's really not bad and from some of the stories and comments I've read plenty of people actually like cheesy stuff it sounds like a good book
toscaredtolove toscaredtolove May 23, 2015
two of my most favorite pack names would be blood angels or dark shadows moonshine. I give you permission to use those if you want for your next werewolf story. just warn me please 
kalyons kalyons Apr 22, 2015
It's actually not a bad introduction. It's interesting and gave a bit of background. The story sounds good. Can't wait to read it!
ComfyCozy156 ComfyCozy156 Jan 07, 2015
Can't wait to start reading it! Sounds like my type of book. Love the cover by the way :)
MellySmellyTheWolf MellySmellyTheWolf Oct 03, 2014
lets see how well your story telling is for your 12 year old self :) looking forward to reading it, even with the spelling errors
elisabethtreize elisabethtreize Jul 09, 2014
I've been wanting to read a werewolf book that's just werewolf & I'm glad I came across this one