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Ash By asamanda Updated Feb 10

"I want to get to know you." He said, slowly scanning my face, with a glint of seductive in his eyes. 
I swallowed hard. "In what way?"
"Everyway." he replied in a tone that had  warmth pooling in between my legs involuntarily. 

I didn't know that he was mine, for a great power had made that choice for me. 

He was the future Alpha of the most powerful pack on the East Coast, the Raven Pack  

He was confident, sexy, and had power like none other, everything that girls swoon over. 


Me on the other hand? I was a human, born to lead the East council to follow after my father. Feisty, determined, and smarty pants was my middle name.  

When I met him, I knew my whole world would change. 

Who's this guy I'm speaking about? 

His name is Rayne. 
And he's my mate.
He's all mine
And I'm all his.

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dinakoket dinakoket Mar 18
                              Trying to study for my test but here i am 😏
Yuki1726 Yuki1726 Mar 09
Damn nigga in your throat tho
                              Guess he was like “ YOU MINE FOREVER” 
                              like wakanda forever damn ur throat man. 
                              Welp guess thts the end of this story
Idk if it’s because these stories are supper predictable or if I just read too many but it’s pretty obvious who rayne is
I would have skipped some grades put I was shy and shït and wanted to stay with my friends
roxyvzh roxyvzh Mar 06
Loved this chapter and I'm sure I will enjoy the Rayne journey