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Ash By asamanda Updated Jun 01, 2016

"I want to get to know you." He said, slowly scanning my face, with a glint of seductive in his eyes. 
I swallowed hard. "In what way?"
"Everyway." he replied in a tone that had  warmth pooling in between my legs involuntarily. 

I didn't know that he was mine, for a great power had made that choice for me. 

He was the future Alpha of the most powerful pack on the East Coast, the Raven Pack  

He was confident, sexy, and had power like none other, everything that girls swoon over. 


Me on the other hand? I was a human, born to lead the East council to follow after my father. Feisty, determined, and smarty pants was my middle name.  

When I met him, I knew my whole world would change. 

Who's this guy I'm speaking about? 

His name is Rayne. 
And he's my mate.
He's all mine
And I'm all his.

Read at your own risk...

briiiee briiiee Jun 02
If her hair is already curly what's the curling wand for.....JUST A QUESTION
Lady_Nae Lady_Nae Jun 12
Just an fyi- No bells to signal class start or end when in college/university
NadaTW NadaTW Apr 18
I really don't know if I'm white or black. Like I'm not white for sure but I don't have a brown skin tone, almost olive but not exactly. My skin tone is a little darker .
JaeeGoods JaeeGoods Jun 02
Sheesh I wake up @4:30 and leave @5:55 and I start @ 8am. Everyone saying that they wake up at 6 is lucky
KingKimmi KingKimmi Apr 27
I'm getting my associates degree at 18. And this girl is over here in senior year being 19. Good gosh
Did no one else decide to to change the comment number to 667 instead of 666😂😅