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Queen Fareeda By mshotstuff Updated 2 years ago
Evelyn Matthews is typically your average nerd. With an exception of a hidden identity and talent that is. She’s the most random, mischievous and childish teenager on the block that you’ll ever meet. 
    Well, without Chase Daniels added into the equation.
    He’s the most arrogant, stuck up, self centered player you’ll ever know at Brookington High School. But when he meets a certain someone who doesn’t fall for his charm, he accepts it as a challenge with a “Come at me bro; approach me” attitude. Along with this challenge come another that Chase is too well known to never back down on. After making the deal, it’s game on for Chase because it’s got ‘him’ written all over it. Evelyn and Chase may seem like an unlikely duo to ever cross paths but a few words can change that without them knowing. 
    There’s a quote that states “Hate is easy; Love takes courage.”
    Whoever came up with that and “Opposites attract” clearly haven’t met Chase or Evelyn. They better be prepared to eat their words with a side of cherries because unless we have a shower of babies and chocolate falling from the sky, there’s no way in hell that’s ever gonna happen. 
    In Fergie’s words she’s Fergilicious, eh? But there’s been a slight twist with Evelyn’s story ‘cause this is Nerdalicious.
I could tell this was going to be good by the correct usage of the semicolon in the first sentence. Lol! Very good job so far. Keep writing :) I like Evelyn (and the scene where she gets caught reading in class but still knows the answer is literally a chapter out of my life :)
I love it and I added it to my library, this is what I'm been searching for uwaah! I really love nerd stories because of their personalities and how they make my heart jump!
Hahah, I love nerds ;D 
                                    Also, I love Chase. Jussayin. He sounds hot. 
                                    This story is very cliche, but I like it! I might read more later :D
nice start but i think its a bit too long to be a prolouge, but i enjoyed it so youve got my vote:D
Nice start (: definitly makes me want to keep reading. Voted!(:
This book is simply Fantastic! :) It needs more views then it already has. 
                                    Anyways, keep up the good work and good luck on your story! :)