I Made A Deal With The Devil's Son (Yaoi)

I Made A Deal With The Devil's Son (Yaoi)

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~~What is happening? Why am I so cold? Am I dead? Wait... A voice?
"I see you're still holding on. But just barely. Would you like to make a deal?"~~

Kurai Sayaki is an 18 year old boy living in Japan. He was like any other boy until a fateful encounter cost him his life. He didn't know why, but he woke up the next day in a hospital bed, looking as if nothing had happened to him. He then finds out that he had made a deal. A deal with the devil's son. Now he has to work as a slave for the son in exchange for his life. Not just that, the sons seem to be fighting over him for some reason and he doesn't know why. Will the relationship he has with the devil's son become more than just master and slave? Or is he doomed to be nothing more than a demon's pet for all eternity?

~~WARNING! Contains vulgar language, christian type stuff, and sex. Do NOT read if you don't like that and feel offended. Also, I'm sorry to say that it doesn't have much yaoi in the beginning chapters but there will be some sex scenes. Enjoy reading!~~

People get molested everywhere, I can't believe you based your entire story in Japan starting on a train just because you thought such. Also, u really needs t stop watching the hentai if that's all you see it for........
MsFastuous MsFastuous Apr 30
18.... Though.... He's 18.... Is it different in Japan? of course it is....
MsFastuous MsFastuous Apr 30
... Is this how he made the deal?? I think so... DundunDUUUN
Who else thought about that one song that kept repeating "If I do say so myself"?
laurenaBoo4 laurenaBoo4 Mar 27
What if there was a big plot twist and it was just like "The End~" XDD I would laugh then slam my phone on my desk
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