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M. M. Williams By MMicheleWilly Completed

~~ Children of Endil Saga, Book 1 ~~

Far in the Frozen North live the Rogalanders, the so-called "bear-people." Every year, those who turn seventeen and enter adulthood receive a Mark of Endil, a tattoo which reveals to its bearer the destiny written for them by the gods.

Hala Freylisdotter's Marking and plan to confess her love for her best friend Brynjolf are ruined by a terrible murder. When a blood-covered woman from the empire of Doran -- Rogaland's oldest foe -- arrives and begs for them to escort her across the realm, Hala does what most Rogalanders would deem unthinkable: she agrees. But the heroic facade of the journey quickly crumbles to reveal a dangerous political conspiracy. A high-stakes game in which Hala has unwittingly become a player, and where the cost of losing is the freedom of the people she loves, or worse, their lives.

In the face of betrayal and death, Hala is forced to break old morals, forge new bonds of love and alliance, and grapple with the answer to one question: how much are you willing to sacrifice to protect your country?

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