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Hollow Ryan By HollowRyan Updated Dec 05, 2018

She is the mistress of dreams.

He is the keeper of nightmares.

As a Dreamcrafter, Istas travels the country from pow wows to renaissance festivals, peddling her wares to those seeking a respite from reality. From calm days on a beach to wild adventures in the jungles, she sells them all. Steamy nights and messages from loved ones are specialties she offers. Then there are those she does on-demand. A dream perfectly tailored of a reality you're in need of. She weaves it all.

When a shadowy figure takes a seat in her commissioners chair, however, Istas has no idea what she's about to see. Destruction. Chaos. Blood and Death. For him, these are dreams. To her, they are nightmares.

Eager to put a stop to visions that seem more prophecy than fantasy, Istas seeks out the mind of the one who imprinted on her. What she finds will change everything. Herself included.