Catching the Hero

Catching the Hero

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Layla Hardgens was never average.  

From childhood to adulthood, her destiny was to follow her parents’ steps to become a superhero in Willow Hills, keeping the city safe from the villains that ran rampant in the streets. Her identity as Fallon, a super with power over water and fire, was kept a secret from the moment she turned seventeen and took her parents’ place.  Nearly four years later, Layla has settled in well to her double life. By day, she is Layla Hardgens, an ordinary college girl with a love for running track; by night, she is Fallon, a hero who watches over her friends and tracks her enemies to keep them in order. It’s a secretive and somewhat lonely life, but she’s never minded. Until she meets Trace Valance, a man who has just as many secrets as she does. 


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its_just_me_1 its_just_me_1 Feb 20, 2017
Freaking hella awesome book!! Lol...definitely inspiring for a superhero read,  for sure.  I've been thinking of doing my own as well,  but trying to find a plot that isn't used already lol
msunique2 msunique2 Mar 24, 2016
She's not very good at using her powers. It's the first chapter, how is she already getting her butt kicked and saved by someone else.
caringmillers caringmillers Jul 21, 2016
Wait. I just have 2 questions:
                              1) who is playing both of them.
                               2) what is the girl's superhero name?
JasonBananaPower JasonBananaPower Oct 22, 2015
Am i the only one who still thinks that even with a mask you can tell who everyone is?