Blackwing Witch (A Dragon Tamer Story)

Blackwing Witch (A Dragon Tamer Story)

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Victoria Corva By Vicorva Updated Feb 20

Wydis is a moon witch living in the empty wilds beyond Amys Mor. When she finds a dying blackwing, a feral dragon known for preying on humans, she tries to save it in spite of its monstrous nature.

But the Elysian Knight, Lady Arielle, rides in on a shimmering noble dragon to lay claim to Amys Mor and all beyond it, and turn it into her own personal kingdom as is a dragon rider's right. 

The blackwing might be Wy's only chance to stop her from destroying the world she loves, as only another dragon rider can challenge a Knight. But feral dragons are cruel and unpredictable, the blackwing is far too old to imprint and bond with a rider, and Wy would make a very strange and witchy Knight.

Nonetheless, she has to try. If the blackwing doesn't kill her first, that is.


This is a first draft and I won't be editing it until it's done. It started as a NaNoWriMo story, so please bear that in mind. :)

Original cover art commissioned from the incredible ShadowDragon22 (, turned into a Wattpad cover by me.

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