The Roommates (O2L, Jennxpenn, Andrea Russett etc.)

The Roommates (O2L, Jennxpenn, Andrea Russett etc.)

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alessia By HeartsUp4Trevor Updated Jul 27, 2015

(Whole story Co-Written by O2LluvsMEH)

Living in an orphanage was extremely hard. Knowing that there is a house out there just waiting for you to use it. But we had to wait. And that day came, Tris's 18th birthday. The day we move to LA into the house left to Tris by her parents, who died boat that sunk 13 years earlier. I on the other hand, was left here because my parents were killed from a earthquake while in Japan. No one else wanted me, so I was forced to come here. I have been here since I was nine, and I am 16 now. Ever since I came, Tris has roomed with me and has become my best friend. We do everything together, even though everything isn't much. Our days consist of school, homework, chores, and eating. Until you're 18 or get adopted, there is nothing else you can do. 

Tris made me a promise. A promise that when she turned 18, when she inherited all her parents had, that she would adopt me and we would move to LA. And today is the day.

Oh, and by the way, I'm Lola.