If Only I had...

If Only I had...

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The opening of Book One of the If Only serial...

Denver Munro is the love of Kyla Cooper's life, her soul mate, her confidant- her best friend. That is until Aubrey Martin, every boy's dirty fantasy and the spoiled daughter of a powerhouse attorney, decides to move in on her man. 

Things heat up when Aubrey makes her intentions known at a party, and feeling the pressure, Kyla decides to give in to temptation, afraid that if she doesn't, Aubrey will make Denver an offer he can't refuse.   
But is Denver that shallow? Is that all he wants? Is the bond between Kyla and Denver really that fragile?  

A wild barn party, 
A disturbing sensation,  
A foolish prank, 
A crash... 
One bad decision leads to another until Kyla must face her greatest fear. Will she give in to her long-suppressed telepathic gift in time to reach Denver and solve the mystery of what happened? Or will the truth of that night remain forever buried beneath a lie-filled pact?   

This is book one of FIVE in this serial. It's story is told in a continuous time sequence, with time and place serving as chapter breaks.This book is also told in 4 voices. The voice of the protagonist, Kyla. The love interest, Denver. The Antagonist, Aubrey. And lastly...a Mystery Voice...that won't be revealed until the end of the series.
The series is now complete. It is available on Nook/iBooks/Amazon, anywhere pretty much, that you can order books. YAY!  

Look for weekly chapter updates here, on Thursdays.
I'm dying to hear what you think! I'm open to comments, feedback!
Drop me line here, or at garlickbooks@gmail.com!
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AlysArden AlysArden Dec 30, 2015
I love Nick already because he says, “ You owe me nothing.”
                              We shouldn’t owe people for doing the right thing, eh!
AlysArden AlysArden Dec 26, 2015
You have such a a great job throwing a bunch of characters out there at once, something I always find challenging. I can’t wait for more freakish out of body moments!! <3
- - Oct 26, 2015
Nick seems like a sweet guy. I kind of want to grab him and run. There aren't a lot of genuine guys here one Wattpad, so it's cool to see one in your story. it also makes me curious about Denver and the kind of person he is. :)