The Titan of Time (A Pertemis AU)

The Titan of Time (A Pertemis AU)

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Momus By ZelotArchon Updated Jul 19

While stumbling through the hell known as Tartarus, Percy and Annabeth come across the fading Titan of Time. 

Kronos, in seeing his mistakes, has decided to give Percy his powers, allowing him to finally rest.

Unsure of using his new powers, and how the Olympians will think of it, Percy and Annabeth decide to keep a secret until he is forced to use them to save her life in the battle against Gaea.

After the war, in hoping to secure Percy's loyalty to Olympus, Zeus declares that Percy and Artemis will marry.

How will the newly weds take this long journey that they have embarked on. Percy struggles to leave Annabeth behind and keep his loyalty to Artemis, while Artemis has to disband her hunters and learn to love a male.

  • annabeth
  • artemis
  • gods
  • greek
  • hoo
  • hunters
  • kronos
  • olympian
  • percy
  • pertemis
  • pjo
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