Hades Chaos Addams

Hades Chaos Addams

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An icy smile spread across an equally icy face, blood red lips curling up.

"Almost here, dear. You are almost here" She said, trailing off into a whisper. Finally looking up from the tarot cards to look at the moon and stars, confirming what she had already read. Moving, she seemed to float as she walked down to get ready to go.

A baby stayed oddly quiet as he watched the small house in Godric's Hallow around him burn from the odd explosion that had just occurred about 30 minutes earlier. As he was drifting off in his crib the door to his torn up room opened to emit a woman in a tight yet elegant black gown floating in, blood red lips curving into a small smile and eyes sparkling as she saw the young baby fighting to keep his eyes open enough to look at her.

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