Not impossible? Really? *Narry Mpreg*

Not impossible? Really? *Narry Mpreg*

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Ely By HappyStoran Updated Aug 18, 2015

It was suppose to be one fun night. It wasn't suppose to turn out like this. Why me, God? Why? Out of all the three percent of guys in the whole entire universe, why me? 

Niall's pregnant with Harry's baby. And, well, this could be a bit better if only they were dating.

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I read this in Louis' voice! When Niall was showing them his James Bond impression and James said "Ah" and Louis was like well,well, well when the cat didn't talk!! 😂
narry_storan_is_real narry_storan_is_real Mar 05, 2015
And this is how you will en up pregnant ....... just by looking at Harry's face jkjk
TyliaKennedyhappy TyliaKennedyhappy Oct 30, 2014
now I'm starting to think harry gets pregnant in the story before I thought it would be Niall but nvm
TyliaKennedyhappy TyliaKennedyhappy Oct 30, 2014
I know right I look at myself in the mirror and say the same thing
Marinara01 Marinara01 Sep 22, 2014
This is off to a REALLY good start. It deserves more readers and votes