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Sarah Dorado By xxsmilesarahxx Updated Jun 07


     Suddenly Christian pulls me in for another kiss and this time he forcefully enters my mouth with his tongue. I moan as I miss him exploring my mouth. He then picks me up from my butt and lays me fully on my bed, not breaking our contact and lays on top of me. We make out for what feels like forever and finally break apart to catch our breaths. We both breathe heavily and look into each other's eyes. 

     My hands are now gripping the collar of his shirt out of instinct. 

     "Tell me, Aira. What is it that you want?" Christian asks.

Aira is starting her Junior year the same as her first and second year of high school. Or at least she thought she was. When all of a sudden the school most popular guy in school, takes interest in her. Christian Blake. All of a sudden he's in all of her classes and now they're  partners for the whole junior year! Aira tells her self to not get distracted and to just ignore him. But what if she can't? What if she starts to grow feelings for him? Will Christian feel the same? You might think this is some cute love story but think again. This love story also has some dark secrets and dirty behind closed doors. Figure all this out in Underrated.

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