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Lexlin1202 By Lexlin1202 Updated May 21, 2014

My thoughts: 

One day you're going to find someone new. Someone better. That someone is going to cause me to disappear from your heart. You tell me that you don't want me to disappear, but how will you be able to stop it? When that one girl comes along I'm going to be gone, I will never return. You had your chance, I'm not one to give a second one. I hate the fact that this thought has come to me, but I've been preparing for it. I feel like she is already here. She already has all of your heart. No, she has had it this whole time and she still has it. You will never forget her. It's like she's part of you, implanted in your body. 

Your thoughts:

Someone new has come along. Someone that is better than any other. That someone has made everyone else disappear from my heart, it is only hers. She won't ever disappear and I won't be able to stop the love that I have for her. That girl will never leave and I will never leave her. She is here to stay. I won't need a second chance with her, ...