Yui's brother and sister (COMPLETED)

Yui's brother and sister (COMPLETED)

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strawberry123457 By strawberry123457 Updated Jan 17

Yui has a brother and sister, their names are Maki and Maya. They didn't like yui not one bit. The reason why, Is because yui abuse them along with seiji because they was demons and what yui don't know is that Maki and Maya are Prince and princess of the devil king himself. Lucifer. So all three of them are going to live with the sakamakis. After a couple of months, Maki and Maya's father came to see them. The most surprising thing happened is that Lucifer told them is that Maki is going to be king of demons at his kingdom and Maya is going to be queen of demons at her aunt's kingdom.

What would Maya and Maki do?

Will they take their father's offer and pick which sakamaki they love?


Will they not take the offer and stay with the sakamakis and listen to yui calling herself the most god believer in their faces