The unwanted she-wolf

The unwanted she-wolf

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Lerato Angela Kgomo By LunarNaima21 Updated Aug 31

Lisa Dorit Vanderpump 

She was special but she didn't know it. She was rejected by everyone. when her mate rejected her.She didn't run away because she thought he might change his mind.With no wolf no friends no mate and parents who don't care about her. Lisa tries to navigate through her horror of her life.

Damien Arthur  Romanov.
He's the Lycan king of all weres and Lycans. he's the strongest of them all the most feared. Nobody dares to cross him.When a tragic accident happened years ago he became a brutal king and everyone feared him. 


When Damien decides to show up to one of the Alpha meetings he meets Lisa Vanderpump. A broken girl who can bearly look at him in the eyes. 

Will these two heal each other's scars or will they break each other even further.


Read to find out.

The explanation of the book isn't great i know but the book is better i promise.

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