The World Over

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Jemma By Jemmaleena Completed
William Cunningham the fifth and his father play a vital part in the furnishings of the titanic, thus securing them a place onto it in the high class section. Edith Smith escapes from an orphanage and is taken in by a Lord as a parlourmaid, however the Lord is not as nice as he seems.
    What happens when the two come together under the most unlikely reason and cannot get enough of each other?Will they turn the world over?
I usually don't do historical fiction on wattpad because I find the details are either inaccurate, or the story is just plain undeveloped, with one dimensional characters and cliche story lines. 
                                    I haven't read all of this story yet, but i'm glad to say it's off to a very promising start :)
I love historical fiction, and this was no disappointment :) You have obviously done your research well and can write well in this time period. I really liked it!
                                    Amazing job, keep it up :) x
@Sierra256715 I agree with you, if you are going to switch POVs so much then write it on a 3rd, it will be much easier and it would improve a lot the story. 3rd is perfect because it allows the readers to know their exact situation and i think it will help you a lot :D
I think that this would have been better if you wrote it in third person instead of edith's mum POV. It's more atmospheric. Good length but avoid swapping POVs in one chapter - it's messy and not too professional, especially if you have: -EDITH POV in the middle of a chapter ;) Voted
Pretty good start! I like how you wrote the first chapter it introduced the story really well!
nicely written!!! 
                                    *I would give a better comment but that seemed to sum it up.*