Percy Jackson/ Rangers Apprentice CROSSOVER

Percy Jackson/ Rangers Apprentice CROSSOVER

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Victoria By worry-is-weakness Updated 5 days ago

Percy, Annabeth, Thalia, Nico and Will are sent to one of the gods many pet worlds. They have to find and eliminate a so-called-prophet of an new deity, or the gods power over that word will eventually fade...

Will, Horace and Halt are sent by Crowley to Clonmel to stop a man who claims to be a prophet of the merciful golden god. Will and Horace do not yet know that Halt has left some family behind...

Neither of the two Groups are aware of the others presence...

-I don't own anything except the plot!
-I won't give them exaggerated powers nor kill  any one who doesn't deserves this!
-this story takes place after boo(Leo returned with Calypso)

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