Their Abused Little Angel (Discontinued)

Their Abused Little Angel (Discontinued)

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In a young age, Rosebella parents divorced from some occasions which leads her father taking custody to her brothers leaving little "Ella" alone with her mom

 She was abused for years by her cruel mother who seems to enjoyed every single pain she gave towards her innocent daughter in a run-down apartment which they lived

The poor innocent girl would cried to sleep every night till she woke up on the next day with new scars and bruises 

And on that every single night she would always wished for somebody or someone to saved her from this cruel life

Which unexpectedly one day, just as she been hit on the ground from that evil lady, the door was slammed open followed with several footsteps coming to saved her on that 25th December

Her birthday

When she realised she was safe by the arms of her long lost father and her brothers that would always swear to never let anyone hurt their beautiful abused little angel again

But with the innocent and pure that radiates from this little beauty, the boys can't seems to control their lust towards their little angel or more overly their little sister

But only one boy Rosebella got her eyes on

And it isn't them

And so lets embarked the journey of Rosebella Sinclair full with drama, love, hate, secrets, lust, rejection and more to be unfold


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