Warrior, Opposed

Warrior, Opposed

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Angela McGurk By ALMcGurk Updated Apr 03, 2016

Vampires. Fey. Love. War. Sometimes you find your soulmate at exactly the wrong time...

The Council of Swords, the Comhairle-Chlaidheamhan had protected supernatural kind for generations, fighting humans who would kill through fear, as well other, darker creatures who would oppress those weaker than themselves. However, the Council's enemies were growing stronger and the  numbers of warriors left to protect the ordinary people were thinning. As the list of fallen warriors grew, times were becoming desperate for the Council's soldiers and those they protect. The supernatural community were in desperate need of more warriors, more ghaisgich, but only the strongest pass the trials to claim such an important position.

Tor had only ever wanted to be a warrior, to defend his people from those who would destroy them through fear or malice. Becoming a ghaisgeach of the Comhairle-Chlaidheamhan was not an easy task though. It meant going against the wishes of his family. It meant being willing to sacrifice himself because it was his duty to do so. It meant putting his trust in strangers, and none were stranger than the woman that Tancred, the ghaisgeach Chief, wanted to partner him with...

Deothas didn't need a partner. She didn't need to follow the rules and she certainly wasn't about to put her faith in anyone else. Why should she, when her 'brothers' and 'sisters' of the Comhairle-Chlaidheamhan didn't have faith in her? She was a loner, by choice and because she was the last of her people in the mortal realm. She was the fey-born, the only non-bhampair warrior in the Council of Swords. She was a mistake. They didn't want her and she'd taken all she needed from them already. Why would she want to babysit a new recruit?

The council needs it's warriors to work together... even those who stole their positions. Unfortunately for some, both trust and love are far more terrifying prospects than war.

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TheCritic0420 TheCritic0420 Jun 16, 2017
@ririchiyo14 when you see words you can't pronounce and decide "naw not for me." 😅😅
ProudCoffeeAddict ProudCoffeeAddict Jun 26, 2016
I know a book who has the same cover, except she got it herself.... Not sure what to think here😂😂
00crossfire 00crossfire Jul 31, 2016
Im all for original lore and mythology but i don't think I will remember to much of this 😌
madha8ter madha8ter Jan 27, 2015
I absolutely love the cover of this and fell in a trance before I even realized who's story it was or what it is about
VarsiA VarsiA Oct 12, 2014
well even modified....it's pretty impressive if you don't even speak it!
xxSMxx xxSMxx Jun 09, 2014
your stories are always so interesting, and even though I don't get much time to read nowadays, I am gonna try and see this one through, as and when you update :) Oh and btw, I loved the blurb! It's great! I could never write like that ^^ keep up the good work! :)