Passage to Kraälst Ta'ark

Passage to Kraälst Ta'ark

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Eryx Aias By EryxAias Completed

Sometimes we all wish we could physically escape our realities, but what if we're given the opportunity and only find ourselves in a worse situation?

Benjamin Mills turns thirteen with the arrival of the Fall Equinox.

But Benjamin doesn't want to grow up and this means he's one year closer to adulthood.

When the clock strikes midnight, a strange door appears in his basement and so does the chance to escape. It instantly transports him to an alien planet named Kraälst Ta'ark, where he soon discovers that his worries were trivial when compared to a world where he's considered food.

With the help of an extraterrestrial, he'll have to learn to be courageous, trusting and forgiving, if he's ever to return back home.

"It's not the destination, it's the journey."

YA Science Fantasy novella. 

***Novella made from the short prompt Stranded on the Other Side finalist.***

Reviewed by @MajesticIncAwards and reviewer @amaranthinepoetry

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