Mommy Daughter Time { COMPLETE }

Mommy Daughter Time { COMPLETE }

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Present day

Ashley - Sky what kind of Ice cream you want

Sky - chocolate mommy

Ashley - uh can I have 2 chocolate cones

* the guy gave Ashley the 2 chocolate cones*

Ace - Ashley 

*Ashley turn around to see who's calling her name , picked up Sky and started running to her car*

Ace - ASHLEY * started running*

Sky - LEAVE Us Alone Don't hurt my mommy MOMMY MOMMY

* Ashley run into Sky's bedroom and waking her up*

Ashley - Sky wake up Sky

*Sky wakes up and started crying *

Sky - mommy he tried to take me

Ashley - who 

Sky - the man

Ashley - what's his name 

Sky - Ace mommy he was after you and me I was so scared

Ashley - it's ok stop crying you just had a bad dream everybody has them


At Burlington

Erica - so did you told her about her father 

Ashley - no

Erica - that's probably why she's been having bad dreams cause she been thinking about her father

Ashley - i'll tell her when she asks again 

Erica - ok but if you decide to let him see...

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shaneqwa shaneqwa Mar 18
Zay is a snitch, and ace is beating his daughter, he is so evil..
shaneqwa shaneqwa Mar 18
Ace is her father, what did he don't know she just spoke to her farher