All the Lights are On

All the Lights are On

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Cr!mson By ACertainCrimsonFox Completed

"If there was one thing that could throw this town on its head, of course it'd be the goddamned McKenzie house." 

The McKenzie house stood tall and proud, its walls worn down by time and weather. It sat with windows boarded and shutters closed, with doors locked and a porch full of holes. It was still for sale, but nobody in their right minds would buy it. First it lost its family, then its charm, and finally its power. For the past two decades, the house stood overlooking Weary Ranch,  cold and dark and desolate. On one cold September morning, the citizens of Weary Ranch woke up to alarming news: all the lights were on in the McKenzie house.

Thanks to @trevor_davis and @apruplebird for beta reading.

Thanks to @hawkeyemilee for editing and beta reading.

Cover by @queenpuff

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