Angels of Death ~ Nostalgia

Angels of Death ~ Nostalgia

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SierraFireCat By SierraFireCat Updated 19 hours ago

A book where I put in everything about Angels of Death/ Satsuriku no Tenshi. 

Stuff like memes, fanart, memes, crack vids, memes, vines, memes and other stuff involving the AoD/ SatsuTen fandom. (And did I mention the memes?)

All of the content is used for non-profitable use and I don't claim to own anything in here; all rights belong to the original owners. (Mostly the creators of AoD/ SatsuTen, the fanartists, meme-makers and more...)

I haven't linked to the pages where I found some of the content yet, or credited the owners, but I will do all of this in the future.

I shall not be responsible for any breaks of the copyright law, this will go back to the original owners of the content.

(This book has been considered mature by me because the content includes violence. Also, the age rating for the anime/ manga/ game of Satsuriku no Tenshi/ Angels of Death is 16, so I recommend you to only read this 'book' when you're age 16 and above.)

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