Ciaran Wayright: Hero of the Empire

Ciaran Wayright: Hero of the Empire

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Lews By Wraithwain Updated Mar 23, 2017

In a future very different from what 21st century science can ever predict, Ciaran Wayright, Hero of the Empire, is respected by his colleagues and peers and is an inspiration to his men and the common folk.

At least, that's as far as official propaganda throughout the kingdom is willing to admit. The situation on the field is always different, and Ciaran is simply looking for an easy way out of danger.

However, fate has the habit of placing him in the deadliest situations. Whether it's luck, divine intervention or sheer will of self-preservation, Ciaran is propelled to the heights of fame and recognition... assuming he can survive.

A collection of short adventures mostly functioning as a test to see how well the fictional world works when used in actual fiction.

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