Roswehn of Dale

Roswehn of Dale

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Roswehn is the niece of the Master of Laketown. 
After the Battle of the Five Armies, her life is going to change completely. 

Italian FF translated in English (please forgive the eventual mistakes 🙏🏻 )

New character.

FF inspired by the works of Tolkien, and by the movies of Peter Jackson.

"I'm not accusing you of anything, I just asked you a question, for now, to which you answered with a lie." said Elrond. "You do not admit what everyone has understood, here, and I tell you what is offensive to me: that you reject the possibility of loving a woman just because she is human ... you forget that Aerin was born from mortals. And I loved her, I have had a wonderful daughter with her. "

Thranduil looked at him annoyed. Elrond's accusations hurt him. "And where is your wife now?" he asked.
Elrond got up from his chair. "You know where she is, she's dead."

"She's ... dead, that's right." Thranduil repeated. "Is not this the fate of ... mortals?"