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-Leenonme By -imLonLee Completed


Name: Kim Seokjin
Age: 18
Friends with jimin, jungkook. (Only they can know that jin is an omega)
Personality: Sweet but can be scary if you told him he's an omega, Polite, Acts like the mother.

Name: Jeon Jungkook
Age: 17
Friends with jimin and jin
Personality: Gets shy towards new people, Nice, and is a big eater.

Name:Park jimin
Age: 17
Friends with jin and jungkook (known them since they we're 11)
Personality: Kind towards people he knew, Very scary when you mess with him


Name: Kim Namjoon
Best friends: Taehyung, J-Hope, Suga
Personality: Scary when pissed off, Very possessive, Always gets what he wants.

Name: Kim Taehyung
Best friends: Namjoon, Suga, J-Hope
Personality: Only nice to the person he loves, Dosen't hesitate to kill over what's his, Scary but has a soft side

Name: Min Yoongi
Best friends: Jhope, Taehyung, Namjoon
Personality: Hates beta's, Grumpy as usual but cares deep inside, Protects what's his

Name: Ju...