Setting Them Straight [boyxboy]

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Rotty By rotXinXpieces Updated 3 years ago
This story is set to be REWRITTEN.
    My apologies.
Plz Lord have mercy on my perverted soul for imagining that ;-; xD but really, dude, DUDE. CPR?! *H* YOU WEIRDO
Me too! Its what happens whn u finish reading a story, its a drug u gotta read more stories by the author and hope thy never finish.......kinda like the walking dead series ans the 100
I promised my self that I wasn't gonna read this story until you stated working on it again, but I just couldn't help my self...
Lol I can't get over his name ... YOLO XD but another great book (:
What a great idea sending a little gay boy to a camp full of gays and lesbians yeah that'll make him straight
                                    Please note the sarcasm practically dripping from my mouth
Fuck them, I'm a Christian and all, but fuck close minded, judgmental bitches who like to hide behind the word "Christan" using it to justify their hate towards gays.
                                    It's things like this that make me understand why my friends are atheist no matter what I tell them...