Reincarnated as a Kumiho!?

Reincarnated as a Kumiho!?

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QuakeGrowe By QuakeGrowe Updated Apr 10, 2019

MC: why did you choose me?

System : Genome/DNA.

MC: is that why I sleep all day?

System : no that just............ kinda?............ no your just lazy.


What do you do if you got everything you want :

A dream job ✅.         Mc: artists .

Famous ✅.                  Mc: done.

Household✅.            Mc: a mansion.
Sleep ✅.                      Mc: all day must Compete! 
                                          From sleep to nap to more nap 
                                         and more nap than sleep some more!

Family&friends❎.               Mc: can I eat that? 

Well that Wang Li Lang life, than one fainfiul well unfortunately day 'accidentally~' choking on a piece of watermelon seeds. 

Author: yes a watermelon seeds so what!

On his way to a light,  they bursted into a colorful room of paint [ look at the book pic ]. 

What that? 【That could be you. If you agree to be my host. The rule is simple completes the missions that is given awards will be included, get the chance of traveling  to different universe. Not include such as killing or abuse other without host opinion. If you agree being the host of 'Reincarnated as a Kumiho' system.】

Interesting. "Agreed"


1th world ML: Your my pet. Don't let them touch you.

2th world Ml: wifey!    Stay away from him! 

3th world ML: onii-can!!! Is MINE

4th world ML: stay. *lock Ling in a room*

Mc: hey system are they the same person?!

System: host doesn't have the authority. 

A/N: if you see the difference... it because I thought of rewriting the story starting now. But the old version is still here to haunt me!!! It still a BL novel!!!

The image/photos/video doesn't belong to me!!!
The story belong to @Quakegrowe 

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