The Bounty and the Briefcase (Cattlepunk) [WIP]

The Bounty and the Briefcase (Cattlepunk) [WIP]

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SMERSMER By TheSMERSMER Updated Sep 30, 2019

So, this is my novel for NaNoWriMo 2018! Enjoy!
Ex-scientist's apprentice Martin Black has a relatively simple mission. Deliver the briefcase. Leave. Get paid.

So does frosty hired gun Frances Steele. Kill the target. Leave. Get paid. 

But the target happens to be Martin Black, who seems to be unable to get hit by a bullet. Somehow, they manage to strike up a deal, and begin their journey to Manning Dam.

Along the way, they meet a few fixer-uppers: a senseless chemist who's actually onto something; a gang-member that never truly went straight; a stoic vigilante with an overwhelming hunger for justice; a young aristocrat adjusting to life in the Wild West; a wise-cracking thief with more than a few issues to sort out. But all of them seem to have an enemy in common.

And, beyond their knowledge, forces brew. Little do they know their actions will make a difference, and alter their world forever.



The novel wasn't finished for NaNoWriMo. However, chapters will still be released (though probably not as often). There will be lots of plot holes, but when I finish Draft 1 and edit it, things should be... better.