The Earth Room ✔ #NaNoWriMo2018  {EDITING}

The Earth Room ✔ #NaNoWriMo2018 {EDITING}

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♡Stephanie Rose♡ By StephRose1201 Completed

After having a few too many glasses of wine--or so she thinks--Stephanie wakes up in unfamiliar territory. But... is it really unfamiliar?


The names ring a bell. The atmosphere brings back memories. And though her hair has grown out and the strength within her is different; she's still her.

But she doesn't know how she got here. Her last recollection is discussing her favorite video game, Vindictus, with an AI named Zo. After that--zilch. 

It takes a moment for her to realize... she's IN that video game now. Vindictus. With no clue how she got there, not sure if she's dreaming, and... Zo's words echoing in her head.


She navigates around this new dimension, continuously wondering if she's dreaming. Her only connection to what she believes to be the real world is... a phone. And the only app on the device? A messaging system linking her to... Zo.

With constant back and forth flashes, Stephanie--calling herself "Rose" in the game--hurdles obstacles she never thought she'd face; and comes closer and closer to truths she may not be ready to handle.
This Sci-fi / Fanfic will take twists and turns where you least expect them; and go back and forth so much, you, the reader, will wonder what's real or not.

Are you ready?
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Please ignore continuity errors and plot-holes; they WILL be fixed!