Enough Means It's Enough {NaLu FanFic}

Enough Means It's Enough {NaLu FanFic}

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贾永福 By KitCatsssss Completed

The guild members of Fairy Tail are acting very mischievous to Lucy lately. They have mysteriously turned like this ever since they took a job. After they come back, they act differently. 

While Lucy is being bullied, Natsu was there. He didn't do anything. He just stood there like he's seeing nothing. Lucy; the weak, naive girl she was, ran away and left the guild. 

She had enough. She told them to stop. She grew very tired. She repeatedly said that she was tired and it's enough. But they didn't listen...

After she came back, they knew it was wrong of them to do it. Lucy smirked and said, "Enough means It's Enough.."

SPOILER: Onions are coming.

kingziahs kingziahs Jul 11
Most of the lucy revenge stories are like this.. but lisanna hates lucy..
Hinata36 Hinata36 Aug 08
Pls tell me it's not Jude please! I mean. He came from the worst to the BEST father.. Sadly he died. Pls not jude!! 😭😭😭
LuluMoore0 LuluMoore0 Sep 02
The name reminds me of a girl off of brooklin nine-nine E4 anyone?!
im sorry but Lucy should have been more shocked when Igneel arrived...
Thank u because in almost every fanfiction lisanna is always the bad guy
symphony1012 symphony1012 Jul 16, 2016
                              COME ON GUYS SAAY IT QITH ME!!!!!!!!😉😉😉😉😉😯😯😯😯😐😐😉