The Creature Inside (Revised) Young Justice Fanfic

The Creature Inside (Revised) Young Justice Fanfic

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TryingToWriteAndNotFail By bigsisfarmer Updated 2 days ago

Hatred, selfishness, torture, death.  All her life,  this is all Yara has seen.  The only sense of home, of belonging comes from the books she has read. Maybe, one day, she will escape from her father, and from her mother. Maybe, she will find love, hope, and a reason to live. Or, maybe she'll just be another face, another statistic that has given in to the Creature Inside. 

Warning: This story will cover issues such as depression, anxiety, self-harm, and suicide.

This story in a Young Justice fan-fiction. I have change bits and pieces of both characters, and stories. The only thing that I own in this story are my OCs. If you do not like fan-fiction, please feel free to read my other stories on Wattpad that will be coming soon.

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