Redemption Man {On Hold > Feb 2019}

Redemption Man {On Hold > Feb 2019}

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Morgan Rider By neverfakeit Updated Dec 28, 2018

The year is 2056 in the city once known as The Capital. JJ Warner is a convict, wrongly accused and facing The Redemption Fields, a real-life World of Warcraft pitting convicts against AI opponents as a way to earn their freedom.

Mercy Nightingale is a journalist for The Redemption Fields, reporting the good, the bad, and the carnage. She hates the carnage, but she loves her job, and she does her best to humanize a mostly inhumane practice. 

JJ Warner is Mercy's next assignment, and this so-called cyber threat has enough ties to the matrix to get him fifty years. On the heels of a catastrophic cyber war, he is the enemy, but Mercy's sympathy kicks-in when she realizes JJ isn't a bad guy. He was arrested to catch a bigger fish.

While JJ battles AI monsters, navigates booby-trapped labyrinths, and decodes cryptic messages to save his butt, Mercy goes above and beyond the call of entertainment journalism to uncover a larger, scarier truth - that everyone is unwittingly part of a game. A game designed to end when man is finally one with the machine.

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