The Underground (Book one of the Derivates Rising trilogy)

The Underground (Book one of the Derivates Rising trilogy)

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KC-847, a Government-owned Registered Derivate, has strong telekinetic powers and a penchant for following rules. It is his duty to lead a team of trained citizens in the retrieval of Derivates who have gone away without leave. But when his first mission as an officer-in-charge goes drastically wrong and he is thrown into a world that changes everything that he has been forced to believe.

   Flit's entire life has been a lie. As an Unregistered Derivate, she and her family spend their weekdays undercover in The Hub, and their weekends aiding the last bastion of Derivate resistance in the Underground. Finally tired of her double life, Flit decides to join the Underground full-time so she can make a real difference in their uprising.

   During a routine security patrol in the Underground, Flit stumbles across a Registered Derivate whose team underestimated the dangers of the dank underground tunnels. She brings the Registered Derivate, KC-847, back to the Underground and he is given a new chance to live a life free of the Government's control. But just as he is settling in, a dangerous mystery threatens the very foundations of his new life. Flit, never one to let a hunch go, drags him along on an investigation that will change the trajectory of Derivate-kind forever...

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***  Third Place in Action-Adventure in the Universal Awards ***
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