Dragon's Jewel- SetoLox

Dragon's Jewel- SetoLox

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Soar319 By Soar319 Updated Dec 25, 2014

Based off of Beauty and the Beast

Seto, in order to save his brothers, gets imprisoned in the fabled castle that he thought was only a fairy tale. Now living with the one known as the Dragon Prince, he hears of a curse. 

One that'll destroy the whole castle and kill everyone if not broken in five centuries. 

And it has been almost five centuries since the curse have been casted. And Seto has no idea how to break it.

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MelodyLovesFanFics MelodyLovesFanFics Nov 05, 2017
I was singing it while reading it if you don't then don't judge me.
Storysoftheuntold Storysoftheuntold Feb 19, 2016
I read the first part like a lullaby and the bold part rapped
CookiesAndCreamMC CookiesAndCreamMC Jan 04, 2016
Is this a song? If yes
                              Wow it's so perfect n feels sad for some reason ;v;
LooneySepticInvader LooneySepticInvader Nov 01, 2015
I sang it outload and my Bff looked at me like "WTF ARE YOU READING?!?!?"
IAteBreakfast IAteBreakfast Jul 30, 2015
wow.... 0.0 that's good. I'm just all like LOL DERPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!
TheyisWe-ReinWeShall TheyisWe-ReinWeShall Mar 10, 2015
This was absolutely beautiful. I wish i could save it forever. Absolutely amazing and a stunning work of fan literature!
                              Slay Approved! <3