Aramis the Great

Aramis the Great

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onefineday16 By onefineday16 Updated Mar 18, 2011

In a reviving, yet broken world, a prince is born.... 

So begins the story of Aramis. Born as the heir to a powerful nation, Aramis is raised as a prince with a heavy burden. After a tradgic accident as a young child that leaves Aramis completely blind for the rest of his life, his royal status changed from a dream to diasaster. Though a series of evil, and sinister events, Aramis finds himself struggling for survival on the streets of a ruthless, and blood-thirsty city for much of his young life. After his younger brother seizes the throne, the nation descends into chaos, and Aramis must rise to the occasion to defeat his brother and his tyranny, but how can a blind man do that? 

Follow the story of Aramis as he discovers life, love, and honor in an ever-waking world.

onefineday16 onefineday16 Mar 18, 2011
@heywot Thanks bunches!! Stay tuned, there'll be more! I appreciate your comment. This is my first draft and I do very light editing before I post anything, but if I ever got into gear I'd fix what you suggested in my draft. Please tell other people!! Thanks! 
- - Mar 16, 2011
OMG Can I just that a disabled main character? HELL TO THE YES. We need more of those and not perfect protagonist who drive you up the wall with their unbelievability. Unless the perefction is a crutch of course ;)