{BTS Hoseok FF} Werewolf

{BTS Hoseok FF} Werewolf

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「Park Yeon Young」 By BTSTRASHJIMINEPABO6 Updated Oct 15, 2019

Rebel Girl Revolution popped up from underneath the stage, as their into song started playing. Each of the 4 members wore sparky and revealing outfits in the cold, outdoor concert that was to be held tonight on the full moon. The intro song came to an end as their latest hit started playing, they danced as the fans started to chat out.

Among the fans, some of the members of BTS were there. They were busy screaming, yelling, chanting and holding up light sticks to their favorite girl band. They forgot that tonight was a full moon...Rebel Girl Revolution Revolution kept dancing and singing as they came down stage to the pit which BTS were at.

That's when the moon came out, Hoseok's eyes began to change as he let out a growl while twitching in his spot. He closed his eyes to control himself when an intoxicating scent filled his nose. His eyes scanned the crowd to find the source when his eyes looked onto the stage with his teeth clenched.

"Mate." Hoseok growled as his eyes locked on Y/N's figure.