Devious Little Game.

Devious Little Game.

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Cindy and Lindy have known each other since the day they were born. They lived in a house that faced the beach along with their mother. While Cindy was quiet, Lindy was loud; while Cindy was calm, Lindy was a storm.

It was said that the ocean was haunted, but Cindy and Lindy always played there and nothing ever happened to their white lithe bodies.
And if it did, the ocean would be sure to wipe away the prooves.

"If you find bones in the forest, sit a bit and listen.
If you find bones by the ocean, run."

¡The text use throughout the book and in the synopsis was found on Pinterest, IT IS NOT MINE!
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  • abandonment
  • betrayal
  • bones
  • corpse
  • death
  • drowning
  • escape
  • fear
  • fright
  • haunted
  • horror
  • projectelevate
  • run
  • scary
  • sea
  • twins