The Last Hope For Westeros (Part2 Of TLHFW Saga)

The Last Hope For Westeros (Part2 Of TLHFW Saga)

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Ruben8554 By Ruben8554 Updated Aug 17

Jon goes back in time right before Season 1 and tries to change everything. His main goal is to save Daenerys Targaryen from Khal Drogo and fight against the white walkers.

 The main plot is Jon wants to take back his iron throne along with Daenerys and unite the seven kingdoms in order to stop the white walkers but when time is changed in the past consequences are made meaning new threats arise. 

(Please note the first 6 chapters are horribly written by me it was written  before my co-writer arrived. So please excuse the errors.. DAENERYS DOES NOT TURN MAD QUEEN IN THIS STORY BECAUSE THAT IS A LOAD OF BULLSHIT)

(Part 2 of TLHFW Saga)