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Unforgiving(Harry Potter, Wrong Boy-Who-Lived)

Unforgiving(Harry Potter, Wrong Boy-Who-Lived)

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Cherry By PessimisticAndCheery Updated Sep 08, 2012

Harry is hated by his family. They prefer his twin brother, who is believed to be the Boy-Who-Lived. One day he gets fed up with it all. He runs away with his few friends in tow. They discover a whole new world with new possibilities, but when the discovery is made that Harvey is NOT the Boy-Who-Lived a massive man hunt for Harry ensues. He vowed to never return to his old life; will he have a choice?

Sp1riggan_Fa1ry Sp1riggan_Fa1ry Sep 25, 2016
LOKI'S SCEPTRE!!!! ITS MALFOY!!! 😮😮😮 Are going to make him a good guy?
I'm a Jackie, exept my room would be purple like a dark purple and covered with my art and my friends art
tM0922 tM0922 Jan 31
They're still dense. Wow. You describe them so accurately author san
Phoenix_Malfoy Phoenix_Malfoy Oct 27, 2016
Jazz Jennings! 😱. I know it's not the same jazz, but still!
I have literally never meet such idiots in my life. HE'S A FREAKING 5 YEAR OLD KID! WHAT DO YOU EXPECT HIM TO DO? BECOME AN AROUR?
Sp1riggan_Fa1ry Sp1riggan_Fa1ry Sep 25, 2016
Manipulative old coot!!!! Ohhhh I really really am not happy with all the new information I'm finding about Dumbledore!!!! I would punch his nose but Aberforth beat me to it!!