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Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Justin Bieber isn't like any other school kid. He has OCD; a disorder that gives the person obsessions and compulsions. Justin was far from the word "normal". He's an outcast and he doesn't fit in no matter what. On top of having OCD, he gets bullied.

Millicent Bayle, just moving into Chicago from Detroit, has to adjust to a new life, make new friends, and get used to her new stepfather. 

The two meet and their worlds combine. What you consider normal and abnormal. An average teenage girl and a OCD who's "different"-diagnosed teenaged boy. 

Well, opposites do attract.

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cover by: secutegrxnde

islandrain islandrain Oct 18, 2016
oooh i lovvve koi, all the different colours of them are so pretty that i always visit the pond where i live just to feed them
ThEReAlZ_BeLiEbEr ThEReAlZ_BeLiEbEr Dec 07, 2016
Um so she fell in love with his interest in het paintings not exactly him himself
why  put it under your jacket when its already in a weird place to put nutella under. So extra
Amnesia2015 Amnesia2015 Oct 24, 2016
My mom be spending at least 200-300 dollars everytime she shops. You must be one of those couponers
xoBeliebrxo xoBeliebrxo Dec 08, 2016
I felt the same way when I moved ugh I wanted to cry as soon as I took out everything from my locker
JustStay_CALM JustStay_CALM Nov 19, 2016
Every time my mom walks into Walmart she comes out with at least 200 dollars worth of food 😂 like she'll go in for the smallest of things and come out with 30 bags of food 😂😂