Rebellious Soul

Rebellious Soul

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Mara By _MaraaaaXO Completed

"Do you like me?" I whispered

"Like you? Please, kitten." Aiden chuckled and blew out the smoke from his cigarette. I glared down at my black vans. 

"Is it because I'm Landon's little sister?" I slowly looked up at the bad boy standing in front of me. He cocked his head to the side and dropped his cigarette. Aiden walked over to me, making me back up into the car. 

"I don't give a fuck if you are his little sister or not. If I wanted you kitten, then I would have you." Aiden placed his hand on my hip. He pulled me closer and bent down so his face was closer to mine. 

"So... you don't like me?" I heard that deep chuckle that I loved. 

"Get in the car, Sophia." He left it at that and backed up. I watched him walk over to the driver side and get in. 

Could a bad boy like him ever really like an innocent good girl like me?

IT WAS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE 😂😂😂 Over here like, she about to be pounded with that big ass hammer he got there
Emmy2503 Emmy2503 Oct 01
Ok let's see the facts here 
                              Your best friend don't like him
                              Your brother don't like him 
                              We don't like him
                              And he's your boyfriend?
                              Bitch if you don't
nope 👎 sorry but no it's always Francisco lachowski let's be real here
                              1. She reallys needs to stop being inocent and naive 
                              2. She so special that she barley sees that he a cheater 
                              3. A cheater is always a cheater
DamiaMYSARA DamiaMYSARA Sep 24
Wow ! Another stupid girl.. I'm not call that naive.. just stupid..
Abs-Babs Abs-Babs Nov 02
You need to read more teen fiction - lying is a common occurrence.