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I Love this Music You Sing to Me (hold)

I Love this Music You Sing to Me (hold)

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gcmallows By gcmallows Updated Apr 20, 2011

Lion Heart High School Academy is known for it's grandeur and high standards of quality education. Most of the richest man and woman in the world send their children here to live and study. Each student has a dormitory here where they can live until they graduate. The dorm for handsome gentlemen and gorgeous ladies are separated so that "unexpected" occurrences  will not happen. Because of the children's rich families, it is expected that all of them grow spoiled, bratty, and make selfish decisions of their own. But not all of them act all spoiled. Some of them are Samantha, Gabriel, Alyssa, Mark, Kim, Danniel, Dante, and some other's. You'll meet them along the way.

Samantha's a huge fan of this band called "Intersection." Among all the girls, she's the number one of them all. She has autographs from every concert (seriously, since they're rich and they do almost anything at school, even concerts), a CD of their cover's given only to her by Gabriel. Their families, Samantha and Gabriel have a close tie together so they've known each other since. She has a crush with the lead singer, who comes to be Gabriel. Only her best friend, Alyssa, knows.  Both of them does not seem to notice their feelings for each other. What will they do if something happens? Will this be forever a story of hidden love? What happens if other guys fall for Samantha, and it comes to be the friends of Gabriel? What if Samantha's friends fall for Gabriel? Well, find out the turn of events.

gcmallows gcmallows Mar 19, 2011
@CharmaineRodil Thank you so much for that comment.. I'll take your advise about the title.. :)) I'm not really great with those stuffs you know... :))
WatermelonSmoothie WatermelonSmoothie Mar 18, 2011
Cute! I can bet that this is going to be a great story, judging by this prologue...
                              oh and the only titles I've thought of so far for this story is "I promise to be yours" or "Forever yours" hehe, I dont know though it just kinda sorta popped in my head when I read the 4th paragraph.. :>
gcmallows gcmallows Mar 18, 2011
@loveyourself duh!!! sarcasm dear?? hahahaha!!! well you're welcome! 
loveyourself loveyourself Mar 17, 2011
WHOA! I soo love this. My God Grace?? You just made me smile like an idiot here! You should have seen my facial expression  while reading this! Y-YES :">
gcmallows gcmallows Mar 17, 2011
@chaterboxxx thank you for that! well actually that's the ending. I still don't know how the story will flow in the middle because i already have chapters for the beginning and ending of this story... i just have to make both ends meet... i have to do a lot of editing... :)