All that is Darkness

All that is Darkness

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Lindsay Francis Brambles By LindsayBrambles Completed

To her mother she has always been Chloe, but to the rest of the world she has had many names. Her life is a fiction, like the stories in a book, changing from place to place, village to village, town to town, from one end of Haven to the other. It has been that way ever since she can remember: a life of secrets, constantly on the run, fleeing the mysteries of her mother's past. But now things are changing.

	She is changing.

	The world she thought she knew is a tissue of lies. Things are happening that she cannot explain: troubling dreams and nightmares that seem no less real than life itself. And as the truth about her mother begins to unfold, Chloe finds herself caught up in a web of intrigue and deceit that reaches back to before the founding of Haven, when plans were put in motion that would determine her future and set her on a path to places beyond her imagining.

	Questions mount, and answers remain elusive. And when a decades old book that maintains the world is not the way it's supposed to be comes into her possession, Chloe is in for the shock of her life. The deeper she digs, the more terrifying the truth, until at last she must confront the possibility that in a world where to be human is to be one of a tiny minority, she may not even be that.

       She may be something else.

       Someone else.

       And the only place she may be safe is in her other life.