Unexpected Love

Unexpected Love

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DevilsAngel By Devilsangel71812 Updated Dec 07, 2014

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Sasuke Uchiha has had nothing but heartbreak and tragedy throughout his life. His quest for revenge forced him to leave behind everything and everyone he loved and cared about. In the end, even when he had achieved his goal, the truth was uncovered and the heartbreak continued. With nothing left to keep him going, he decided to return home. The road was long and hard, but after a while he had regained his place in Konoha. He was doing everything he could to put his past behind him and create a better future for himself. He even settled down with none other than the girl who chased him relentlessly throughout his school days, Sakura Haruno.

Hinata Hyuga has spent her entire life feeling like a burden to everyone around her. She trained and trained as hard as she could, but she was still never good enough. She strove to be like her hero, and her one true love, Naruto Uzumaki, but she could never get there. Until said blonde ninja started taking notice of all of her hard work, which made her work even harder still. She was finally starting to feel better about herself, and when Naruto asked her to be his, her self confidence rose more than it ever had before.

Things were finally looking up for these two young ninja. But, with so much pain and bad luck throughout their young lives, would things continue to get better? Or was this all too good to be true?

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It's almost like if Hinata ever got a sheet from school where it says "parent/guardian signature" I bet she would ask Sasuke to sign as guardian 😂
                              Plus this was the first book that has introduced me to Sasuhina. When will be updated? I don't know but I hope Author-Chan will comeback and finish this masterpiece.😖For ftr, you won't regret reading this story. Go on now! Read.😋
Guys I'm making a sasuhina fanfic and I'm new will u pls give me advice
Next thing you know you see a bunch of children with one byakugan and one sharingan running around  Konoha
LivingLIFEas_a_Queen LivingLIFEas_a_Queen Dec 04, 2016
Ready to go?
                              😑naww like my baby bout ta come out this stomach of mine like YEAAHHH IM READY TA GO
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Spooky scary skeleton, there's styrene on your spine. (Stalker man)