Riley and the Boxers

Riley and the Boxers

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Imagine losing your family. You would be devastated, heartbroken and empty, as if you've lost everything in your life, right? Well that was exactly what happened to Riley Coleman... Except she literally lost everything.

After her parents died in a deadly shipwreck, her rented house was given back to the owners and she was forced to move out. By law, a sixteen year old girl couldn't live individually, right? She still had school to finish, things to learn and a future to plan. So she was permitted to live with her closest relative, Aunt Elva. 

But what if Riley's Aunt had always thought Riley was a male? In fact, the only reason why Elva accepted her with grace was in hope that Riley would become a boxing champion, just like the seven other boys living in her mansion of a house - or should I say, Boxing Training Institute?

So when Elva's assistant found out Riley is, as a matter of fact, a female, he bent down onto his knees and begged her to save the company's name by disguising herself as a boy. But little did Riley know that every single boy had a mysterious secret yet to be revealed. 

Nevertheless, what's a girl gotta do? Man up of course! And let the chaos begin.


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-l_l-Cali-l_l- -l_l-Cali-l_l- Jun 13, 2015
I was about to be like "Yeah pillows rule!" Then I'm like "Oh... Uh, s-sorry....."
peristerophily peristerophily Jul 08, 2014
Love the detail in this. It feels like I'm actually there. :)
rainbowskittles1218 rainbowskittles1218 Jun 30, 2014
it's worth it . I only read the the first chapter and I'm hooked
iris_renssen iris_renssen May 24, 2014
I can practically already feel the drama coming up with one of the boys  BUT I LOVE IT SO MUCH
RosieSheep RosieSheep May 23, 2014
Bahahha i love the humour! But it must be hard for Riley tho.
WalkingBuddy WalkingBuddy May 20, 2014
Hey! I could never pull off something like this. I'd love to see how Riley does it! I'll definitely keep reading!