Favor with the King

Favor with the King

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"Are they are closed?"

"They are closed shut."

Amma hesitantly swims towards the man and shakes her hand in front of his face. King Xerxes feels her presence as wet droplets splash onto his naked chest. Swiftly, he seizes her wrist and holds it.

She gasps.

He slowly opens his eyes and sees her face closely. Xerxes observes her beautiful features and scans her delicate face. Seeing the rarity of her face tempts his mind.

Curiosity strikes as he strokes her full lips with his wet thumb; he licks his lips as he feels hers...he yearns for its taste.

"Please" she begs as she pulls away. 

The King of Persia has banished his wife on a night of drunken stupor and calls for a nationwide beauty pageant to find a new queen.

Meet Amma (AH mah) a vibrant seventeen-year-old girl. She thinks the king is cruel for what he has done and wants nothing to do with him.

What will happen when she is thrust into a palace life unfamiliar to her? Will she find favor with the king?

LOOSELY based on the story of Esther
*Inspired by a true Story*
Some chapters are mature in nature

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What is this picture everyone is on about, all I can see is a map
bubblyL0ve bubblyL0ve 4 days ago
I just remembered that women were objects at that time😧😳
I recognized the story immediately! I can’t wait to see what spin you put on it! 👀 Vashti was so ahead of her time, I love it!
kstar02 kstar02 Dec 05
Bro calm down she just said she is not going to go to you , no need for banishment